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Automatic Socks Knitting Machine -Compukint WDL-800

Product Detail Information

Model : CompuKnit WDL-800


  • Cylinder Diameter : 3 and 1/2 Inch, 3 and 3/4 Inch
  • Needle counts: 72N ~ 240N
  • Air Compress output: 0.5Kw
  • Speed: 400RPM Maximum
  • Wattage: 2.3Kw
  • Power: AC 220V ~ 440V, 3Phase, 50/60H
  • Actuator: 8 Piezoelectric ceramic actuators(Push-type 8 Steps)
  • Standard dimension: 40"W x 50 L x 95"H (1,000mm x 1250mm x 2,400mm)
  • Packing dimemsion: 40"W x43 L x71"H (1,050mm x 1080mm x 2,200mm)
  • Net weight: 880Lbs (400Kg) - Gross weight: 1,100Lbs (500Kg)

Technology & Certification : patent No. 0200946

Price : Export price are variable depending on the area

Sales Information : Direct or Indirect

Faculties and features

It is fully electronic and drum-less type applied Piezoelectric system; the TaeHo Machinery WDL800 is a new one with single cylinder, which has dual supplying system of main yarn.
It is enabled to knit the socks diverse and exquisite design, rib and which has different colors at toes and heels

Special features

  • It has a dual yarn supplying system at the same course, and enabled to express 16 colors maximum(6 Feeders) include the body color; in case of single yarn supplying, it is enabled to represent 16 pattern colors maximum(7 Feeders)
  • It is enabled to store 10 patterns on the machine system with the CPU of 2Mb memory
  • High speed Piezoelectric system; WAC DATA SYSTEM’s 8ceramic actuators with 8 selectors
  • Electronic control system of WAC DATA SYSTEM co
  • Automatic lubrication system in electronic control
  • Diverse elastic supplying system; enabled to modify size, course with controlling the elastic stepping motor
  • Enabled to knit 2 colors of elastic, with 2 elastic yarn fingers
  • Almost all data can be input/output via touch screen LCD monitor
  • Multi-languages;English,Chinese,Japanese,Spanish and Korean, are supported on LCD
  • Auto-check and auto-inspection, Error sensors, Protection from magnetism
  • UPS adoption; in case of electricity fail, machine stores the movement then can operated in continuity
  • With USB memory card, It is more easy to handle, more faster, safer and easy to input/output
  • If exchanging some of it’s machine parts, enables to knit the Pile socks. (Optional)