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Automatic Socks Knitting Machine DL-P700

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  • Size160 * 150 * 250 cm
  • Weight400 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information



▶ SPECIFICATIONS                  

 Cylinder Diameter

 3 3/4", 4''

 Machine Weight



 72N ~ 200N

 Air Pressure



 240 ~ 280RPM

 Servo Motor Power



 220V ~ 440V

 Blower Power


 Floor Space

  160 x 150 x 250Cm

 Control Box Power


 Machine Package Size 

      107 x 112 x 182Cm    

 Drive Control

       SERVO DRIVE     





Export price are variable depending on the area 





Direct or Indirect 




 UPS It enables to end the controller with stability, by built-in software.

- The work data can be stored for 30 days maximum. When supplying power, 

  it works in continuity former work.

 Pattern Enabled to be saved three patterns maximum on the controller. 

  (Chain does not exist apart but included in the patterns.)

 Display and languages It displays and made up for three multi-languages.

  (Korean, English and Chinese)

 Useful and reliable faculty of checkup

 Automatic stop for the ring blower

 Oil injection system Enabled to select the position and times

 Simple work for the elastic yarn Setting up the air work for the rubber-related

  (elastic yarn-related) on the analyzer

 Enabled to read/write the patterns on the controller

 Prevent users mistakes by using the Mode Key Switch

 Apply and using Password to protect important system function

 Displays out turn and automatic stop on the designated counts.

 No need of chain-edit program, every work is enabled on the analyzer (MThpds)

 It is facilitated to service and training in continuity, for it is developed by our own technologies.





• Stepping motor for the elastic Adopted stepping motor for flat tension

• Power transmission by servo motor Runs cylinder, Eliminates throbs, noise and protect 

  worn down gears

• Up-and-down motion of cylinder Maintenance of precise momentum by stepping motor

• Separation of bobbin mounting plate No throb by separating from machine body

• Oil spill protection Perfect spill prevention in lubrication of needles and jack

Rotational movement enabled when exchanging the cylinder


Product Detail Image

Automatic Socks Knitting Machine DL_P700

Automatic Socks Knitting Machine DL_P700

Automatic Socks Knitting Machine DL_P700

Automatic Socks Knitting Machine DL_P700